13 months post op

This week I had my one year check up post surgery. Doing well, cancer free, and released back to my regular gynecologist..Phew! I am nervous, relieved, glad, scared.  I was so anxious at the visit that my blood pressure was abnormally high.

In an effort to continue my quest to good health, in January I participated in a ten day diet detox. Since then I've made an effort to eat primarily plant based foods, no caffeine, no added sugar, no fake sweeteners, no preservatives,and so forth. I am drinking water and have not had any type of soft drinks, diet or otherwise.(That's a biggie for someone who drank diet coke  coke zero for fluids.) I have had tea twice (hot once, cold once) and coffee twice. It is my belief that I have a sensitivity to corn and to tomatoes. Some years ago I ate eggplant and became violently ill. While I was home last year recovering from surgery I did not eat any tomatoes and my psoriasis cleared. Imagine my surprise when I learned that both eggplant and tomatoes are members of the nightshade family!

Sending health and healing to everyone and thank you all for your continued and unwavering support. 

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Sabina sent you a hug.
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I am so happy to hear all your good news Carol:) That takes alot of discipline to stay steady on the detox diet.. Good for you! That's so good your psoriasis healed that way.. lots of blessings are coming your way :) hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
Thanks! I follow your blog and am glad to see you are up and at it :) Have a great weekend!
Nightshade can be toxic, ay yi yi. I get violently ill from turnips and rutabaga. Like bad, lol, so I hear you, sister-friend. I wish you well with the new food/drink regime, whatever makes you feel good. I don't believe I could make it through a day without coffee, nor would I want to, lol!
First few days were tough - I had a cup a day Starbucks habit. I won't say I won't drink it but at least now I'm not completely hooked anymore.
Really do miss tomatoes though. Southerners and our tomato sandwiches :(
that is great news Carol. I didn't go to a regular gyn for like 5 years. I was stage 2B. I started a healthy eating plan too. lots of veggies and no candy or cake. that's hard at Easter time!! lol Take care!
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