Well. I almost made it to 5 years. 

February 2020 was the 4 year anniversary since surgery for uterine cancer.  
Really long story short, in December 2019 I was having symptoms of either UTI or kidney stones which worsened until an episode of profuse bleeding the last weekend of May 2020 that scared me so bad that I went straight to the ER. Fortunately, my kidneys are fine. And no UTI. Bladder is working just fine.
It wasn't my kidneys. The ER doc ordered an immediate CAT scan. Within 2 hours I learned that there is a malignant mass in my abdomen and 30+ lung nodules. It appears the uterine cancer is back and on the move. 
I'm thankful for my oncologist. He had me in his office two days after a holiday weekend. I've already had a biopsy that confirms malignancy, results consistent with uterine cancer but also bowel cancer, PET, and am awaiting further DNA studies on the biopsy. Radiation consult on Tuesday and chemo to start after the studies are back. 
I have no experience with radiation or chemo, Trying to take this one step at a time to keep my head straight, not particularly easy since it's spinning like a top.

Olga threw a punch at your cancer.
Mari, Olga sent you a hug.
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I am so sorry to hear this news. It is tough news to take in. I hope having a plan of care will give you some assurances. It helped us as we dealt with pancreatic cancer. Knowing we would put one foot in front of the other gave us hope and direction. I will keep you in my prays. Sending love.
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So sorry, Carol. It's really stressful. Hugs
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Hi Carol, I don't know how I missed this. I'm sorry you have a recurrence but it sounds like everything is falling into place with reference to you medical care. I like the DNA testing. I think this may play a part in deciding the best tx plan. They may do only radiation?
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Yes, May 2020

Recurrent - progressively increasing bleeding and right rear flank pain. Primary doctor incorrectly treated it as kidney issue. 2020. Also have Dermatomyositis confirmed by muscle biopsy.







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