Brief Update

First it all let me correct myself and say I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis after studies were done by Vanderbilt  on a skin biopsy and muscle biopsy to confirm the disease diagnosis.

I was in the hospital for 61 days where doctors and medical staff were working to stabilize me. I had several issues which occurred and thankfully have resolved to the point I'm now in skilled nursing care facility trying to restore my mobility and body functions. I'm making progress but it is slow. The Dermatomyositis is the villain in that regard.

After three rounds of chemotherapy a CT scan revealed that the chemotherapy was working. I have two rounds left then another scan. My oncologist says we'll either pause or be done. 

I was apprehensive about chemotherapy thanks to anecdotal "horror stories " but chemotherapy has not been the monster I feared. Thanks to the premedications many/most side effects have been minimal. The worst was chemo mouth after round three. Since I've gotten stronger the fatigue I felt after chemo has lessened. I am grateful for that. Unfortunately my port was removed thanks to a staph infection which was a bugger to deal with. I'll also give a shoutout to pulmonary blood clots and IVC filters. Wear your leg squeezers.

Thanks for your support and I'm staying positive and focused. 

PS: Lost a lot of hair after first two rounds of chemotherapy but not much loss since. :)

Olga threw a punch at your cancer.
Olga sent you a hug.
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February 24, 2016

Nashville, Tennessee 37228

December 31

Cancer Info

Endometrial Adenocarcinoma

January 19, 2016

Stage 1

over 6.1

Grade 3



It's a stealth, secretive, insidious, murdering scum.



lower lungs 30+ nodules


St. Thomas Gynecological Oncology

stay nourished.

Yes, May 2020

Recurrent - progressively increasing bleeding and right rear flank pain. Primary doctor incorrectly treated it as kidney issue. 2020. Also have Dermatomyositis confirmed by muscle biopsy.







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