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2020 (3)

September (1)

Brief Update : First it all let me correct myself and say I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis after studies were ...

July (1)

Plot twist: Hi everyone   I've been in the hospital since June 18  I've had two chemo treatments and several...

June (1)

Update: Well. I almost made it to 5 years.  February 2020 was the 4 year anniversary since surgery for ute...

2018 (1)

May (1)

Lost my Mama: Lymphoma took my mama on Tuesday, 5/8/18. She was diagnosed last Tuesday, 5/1/18. ...

2017 (1)

April (1)

13 months post op: This week I had my one year check up post surgery. Doing well, cancer free, and released back to my ...

2016 (12)

December (1)

Good News: Almost forgot! Had the colonoscopy two weeks ago and it was normal. The doctor said everything looke...

October (1)

Eight Months Later: It's been almost eight months since the surgery. I did not hear from the doctor so I sent a message ...

June (1)

Checking In: Four months have passed since surgery. Life seems pretty normal, but I get the occasional reminder w...

March (4)

Post op visit : The oncologist visit went well. The genetic studies are not yet done and the report should be back i...
Almost one month post op: It's been a few days over 3 weeks since my surgery. I'm feeling pretty good and my stamina is coming...
More flowers!:                   From my son, his girlfriend and my grand dog! ...
One week post op: It's been a week since the surgery. Yesterday I had my first post op visit with the oncologist. The ...

February (5)

Two Days Post-Op: Slept 7 hours total last night. Try to sleep on my side, end up on my back. Feeling much better with...
Home!: Glad to be home. Slept for three hours straight. Abdomen is very sore and a bit tender but I feel go...
The Day After Surgery: I had a restless night mostly because of getting woken up for vitals, medication, wound check and so...
Surgery is Over: This will be short as I'm really tired and loopy. The surgery is over. The surgeon did robotic but ...
$14.89: $14.89. That's the price of a cancer diagnosis per my insurance company.  I joined this blog beca...

Vital Info


February 24, 2016

Nashville, Tennessee 37228

December 31

Cancer Info

Endometrial Adenocarcinoma

January 19, 2016

Stage 1

over 6.1

Grade 3



It's a stealth, secretive, insidious, murdering scum.



lower lungs 30+ nodules


St. Thomas Gynecological Oncology

stay nourished.

Yes, May 2020

Recurrent - progressively increasing bleeding and right rear flank pain. Primary doctor incorrectly treated it as kidney issue. 2020. Also have Dermatomyositis confirmed by muscle biopsy.







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